Owner Swaid Rahn

My Cassutt was built in 1979 by Mr. A.D. Ashley. I am the third owner and bought it from the estate of Marty Joslin. It had 110 hours total time and had been setting up about 10 years when I bought it. I bought it to resell and when the offers did not match the value I decided to keep it and race it in the IF1 class at Reno. My son and I had been flying small planes from Georgia to the Reno Air Races for the last 4 years and after a little conversation with Mr. Goforth in the IF1 pitts 2015 I caught the racing bug real bad! So after signing up for PRS 2016 I took a razor and cut all the fabric of the bones and started a full restoration. We got busy in the shop and did not hit the Cassutt too hard until PRS snuck up on me. Allen sandblasted the fuselage while I was in PRS and when I got back to the shop I shot a couple of coats of epoxy primer and then laid down some real nice JetGlo Matterhorn white. Next the good people at Better Aircraft Fabric  supplied us an excellent covering system called OraTex 6000 that went on super quick which was great news because it was now late July. Blend Supply sent us the new Skyscapes aviation base coat clear coat paint system for us to try. When I went to paint it I was running out of time so I threw the masking tape away and just faded the tail from Laser Yellow to After Burner Orange, that's how I came up with the paint scheme. My good friends at Edwards Interiors Aerospace did a super job of the graphics and Corey (the graphics manager) dreamed up the old school Race 8 design which looks perfect with the period the Cassutt was born in. We removed all the cylinders from the engine and the inside looked like it had be put together last week. Everything in the engine looked good so we ground and lapped the valves and torqued it back together with a new set of gaskets. I needed 10 hours in a Cassutt to be legal to Race at Reno so I was getting a fast introduction to the handling qualities of a Formula 1 racer about mid August. During one of my test flights with a new race prop I was pretty excited to see the numbers coming up but my excitement was short lived when the spinner exploded and tore up a prop blade a week before time to leave for Reno. So my first year racing was with my old curser prop I nicknamed the "Louieville Slugger". I sounded like a John Deere on the race course turning a whopping 2900 RPM but she got me qualified at 176 MPH which wasn't last place. I guess "Heat Stroke" turned out pretty good because we were surprised to receive the "Crew OF The Year" award for all of our hard work with a giant trophy that weights more that my airplane!  Humbly submitted by Swaid L. Rahn