Dave Holmgren Profession: Pilot. Civilian, Military (retired) Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah Aircraft name and race: Last Lap Player Race 15 Type of Aircraft: Cassutt Racer IIIM Sport with 17 foot wingspan Year first started racing: 2011 First or favorite Favorite racing moment: When I was a kid, and airplane crazy, my folks gave me a Cox gas engine (.049 cubic inch) control line flying model of Miss America, the P-51 race champion. I've been a fan ever since (even though I was terrified of slicing a finger off with that little screamer of an engine). Racing experience: This year marks my first pylon racing experience, but... I have been fast and low a few times over the past 40 plus years... Future racing goals: I want to race everything I can, as fast and clean as possible. I've met some amazing people and seen some really hot metal already. Hope to get to know and see more!... Other Notables Reno Heat 3B winner 2011 Last Lap Player was damaged in 2013 when its hangar roof in Ohio had an issue on a windy day. Creighton King bought the plane back from Mike Mundell, took it to his home in Utah and did an awesome job of inspecting, recovering and refinishing it- including a really sweet new cowling. It won the Formula One class this year in the Airventure Cup, suffering a canopy failure just after race end, less than a hundred miles from Oshkosh. Pilot /Owner Creighton King did a great job of bringing the plane down safely in extremely challenging conditions. With a new canopy, she's ready to race again. Just featured in a full writeup in Kit-planes magazine August 2014 issue. 17 foot |(larger than standard) wingspan