Tim McNamara

Nationality: North American

Hometown: Jonesboro AK

Aircraft model:

Aircraft name: 33 Slingshot

Crew Chief:

Biography I'm 51 yo, married to Camille (for 27 wonderful years!) and we have one son, Austin, who is an MD (just started residency). I started flying when I was 14 and instructed in Helicopters and flew a little of everything throughout college. I was going to school to become a physician but got sidetracked and ended up flying for various companies for a living culminating as a Captain on an Airbus A320. I have 12600 hours and have built several planes over the years as well as flown in Aerobatic and Soaring competitions. 13 years ago I went back and finished what I started so many years ago and am currently a Board Certified Family Physician with a practice in Jonesboro, Arkansas. I purchased Race 33 from Mike Mundell who has campaigned it the past 3 years at Reno and in Europe last year. It is a Cassutt with a Wilson tapered wing that was rebuilt by Ed Detreaux and raced by him as Slingshot. We will be using the name Slingshot again for this airplane this year. No changes thus far for Slingshot but we do plan on doing some cleanup items after PRS to try and find a bit more speed. This is my Rookie year of racing. Some youtube videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jq5IArTwmyo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsbwI4mlMro