Hometown: Braintree


Aircraft model:

Cassutt IIIM

Aircraft name: 22

Sassy Sagnoma

Crew chief: ?

I'm 33 living in the UK, but grew up in South Africa from parents who grew up in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). My father is a pilot and flew both fixed wing and helicopters in the past. I was always around aircraft and the bug grew from here, helped in no small part by flying trips in helicopters and fixed wing from a very young age. As far as my history goes I started flying at the age of 16 learning on gliders through a gliding Scholarship with the Air Cadets in the UK. I then progressed to a flying scholarship from the RAF which paid for 20hrs of flying towards my PPL. I continued on and completed my PPL after this before going back to school to finish A-levels. Following this completed my CPL and Instrument rating and managed to get a job in a local airline at age 22. I got my command at age 25 and still fly in the same airline alongside my father who has been there since 1997 when we all moved to the UK. I have flown gliders, Grob tutor air force basic trainer, C152, C172, PA28-R, PA34, Pitts S2A and S2B, Cassutt. I have experience in intermediate aerobatics, formation flying and now shortly Race experience at Reno. Racing is something I've always been interested in and Reno air racing seemed to be the natural progression. It started with an idea, lots of research and then the purchasing of a used Cassutt in the UK Following extensive work its now in Reno and about to be assembled to race. I am flying a 2001 built Cassutt IIIM with a one off variant of the slab wing. We have a Rolls Royce 0-200 rebuilt and turning a Hercules wooden custom Race Propeller It has Trig Mode S transponder, Trig Radio and MGL EFIS/Engine monitoring system.